In harmony with life

Follow the road, follow your heart, and rediscover the thrill of the journey with the all new Bridgestone Turanza T001. Achieving an optimal harmony between safety, comfort, durability and environmental performance, this new flagship of the touring range represents the result of Bridgestone’s latest tyre technology. So you can relax and enjoy the ride, whatever the conditions, whatever your destination.

  • Optimum grip and stability for reliable braking in the wet.
  • Outstanding high-speed stability and touring performance for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • New levels of efficiency, combining low rolling resistance with minimal pattern noise.
Turanza T001
ADAC Auto Zeitung Summer Tyre Test

Safety and Control

Advanced pattern and new top tread compound

Wide water evacuation grooves for highest levels of safety in wet.

Lateral and longitudinal high stiffness shoulder blocks for maximum braking force and excellent handling performance.

2% shorter braking distance in wet and higher resistance to hydroplaning, compared to predecessor Turanza ER300.

Riding Comfort

Optimized carcass shape and construction for best balance between handling and comfort.

Newly designed noise reduction groove for lower pattern noise emission (Helmholtz principle).

1dB reduced pass by noise, compared to predecessor Turanza ER300 - product compliant with 2016 noise regulation.

Efficient Motoring

NanoPro-Tech™ compound for improved wet and rolling resistance balance

NanoPro-Tech™ is a technological to, on nano-scale, control the interaction between polymers, filler material and other rubber chemicals used in the manufacture of a tyre.

With the adoption of “NanoPro-Tech” a new polymer is created that minimizes friction heat between carbon molecule and herewith reduce a tyre’s rolling resistance.

19% improved rolling resistance resulting into 2.3% improved fuel economy. (Calculated using NEDC driving cycle on an average size vehicle)

Flat contact profile for more uniform wearing and increased tyre life.

15% longer tyre life, compared to predecessor Turanza ER300.

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